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Orange - Residential

Our Orange range offers 95% LVR for both OO & Inv loans, or 98% for OO. Provides Altdoc and Full Doc for Residential Securities in Category 1, 2 or 3 locations.

Key Features

  • 98% LVR incl LMI – OO P&I - non gen.
  • 85% No LMI loan has Cash Out to 40% - OO & Inv!
  • No monthly or Annual Fees.
  • No application fees - most loans.
  • No Credit Scoring or CCR.
  • Security determines the rate - not the purpose.
  • ATO debts, credit impairments, life events.
  • Discharged bankrupts from day 1 (Lifestyle AltDoc or FD).
  • Business debts can refinanced to 100%.
  • Rewards points apply.

Covid Updates

Additional doc requirements eased in NSW and VIC (18 Nov 21)

Orange COVID Update (18Aug21) - All Areas & Industries Locked Down

Orange Policy Changes - 15 Mar 21

Fact Sheet

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