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Product Service Levels

Time to conditional approval is for applications submitted where our Checklist requirements have been met. These items must be provided for the application to be progressed to the credit queue.

Information last updated: Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 6:38pm AEST

Product Pre Credit Checking Conditional Approval Conditional Review Formal Approval
Cabernet3 days10 days1 day10 days
Can do 7 days to Formal with upfront val.
Cabernet Easy SMSF Refinance2 days day day3 days
Express Processing with upfront valuation.
Green Products1 day2 days2 days2 days
Ocean Products1 day2 days2 days2 days
Orange Altdocs, & Lifestyle.2 days2 days2 days5 days
No escalations allowed, No Pre-approvals UFN
Orange Basic, 85% No LMI & Flame 98%.2 days2 days2 days4 days
Pre-Approvals allowed on Orange Flame 98 from 19th Aug 2021. No Pre-approvals on Orange Basic at this stage.
Purple Products1 day4 days2 days6 days
Allow 5 days from Formal until docs are issued.
RedZed1 day2 days2 days2 days