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Allstate BAS Calculator

Allstate Blended Rate REFI Calculator

Allstate Debt Consolidation Calculator

Allstate Repayment Benefit Calculator

Cabernet (ORIGIN)

Cabernet Servicing Calculator Link

Green (LoanWorks)

Green Link Residential Servicing Calculator

Green LMI Premium Calculator

Green SMSF Servicing Calculator

Navy (BC Invest)

Navy Express SMSF Refinance Calculator

Navy Foreign Income Servicing Calculator

NAVY LMI Calculator - valid to 30June2025

Navy Servicing Calculator (Resi, Comm, SMSF)

Ocean (ORDE)

Ocean Non Resident Calculator

Ocean Servicing Calculator

Orange (Resimac)

Orange LMI Premium Calculator

Orange Servicing Calculator

Purple (La Trobe)

Purple Serviceability Calculator

Red (RedZed)

Red Servicing Calculators