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SMSF Loan - Residential

Self Managed Super Fund loans are available to 80% LVR for both owner-Occupied or Investment commercial properties with terms up to 30 years.

Fact Sheet

3-5 Year Fixed Rate Special - SMSF

Cabernet Easy SMSF Refinance Fact Sheet

Cabernet Flex SMSF Fact Sheet

Green SMSF Resi Fact Sheet

Navy Retire Resi SMSF Fact Sheet

Ocean Diamond SMSF Resi Fact Sheet

Ocean Emerald SMSF Resi Fact Sheet

Purple Clear Altdoc SMSF Residential Fact Sheet

Purple Clear SMSF Residential Fact Sheet

Red Super Resi SMSF Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red Super Resi SMSF FD Fact Sheet


3-5 Year Fixed Rate Special - SMSF Promo

Ocean Diamond SMSF Promotion


Allstate Customer Identification KYC VOI

Allstate SMSF Application Form -V2.2 - May24

Allstate SMSF Checklist

Navy SMSF Checklist


Allstate Offset Break Even Calculator

Cabernet Servicing Calculator Link

Green SMSF Servicing Calculator

Navy Express SMSF Refinance Calculator

Navy Servicing Calculator (Resi, Comm, SMSF)

Ocean Servicing Calculator v1.19

Purple Serviceability Calculator - Apr24

Red Servicing Calculators


Cabernet Postcode Listing

OCEAN Postcode Tool


Red SMSF Parameters

Red SMSF Product and Rate Guide


Lodge SMSF Applications vi Loanapp

Target Market Determinations

Red Super Resi SMSF TMD - Feb24