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Alt Doc Loan - Residential

The Altdoc Loan is a low documentation product suitable for those self employed borrowers wishing to obtain a loan without the requirement to provide the traditional proof of income documents. Max 90% LVR for purchases or 85% for refinances.


Allstate BAS Calculator

Allstate Blended Rate REFI Calculator - May24

Allstate Debt Consolidation Calculator

Allstate Offset Break Even Calculator

Allstate Repayment Benefit Calculator

Navy Servicing Calculator (Resi, Comm, SMSF)

Ocean Servicing Calculator v1.19

Purple Serviceability Calculator - Apr24

Red Servicing Calculators


Allstate Customer Identification KYC VOI

Cash Out Purpose Declaration (>$500k)

GREEN Accountants Declaration - May24

GREEN Client Declaration of Financial Position - May24

Navy Accountant Declaration

NAVY Home Loan Application Form v3.0 - May24

Navy Self Employed Income Declaration

Ocean Accountants Declaration

Ocean Self Certified Income Declaration

Orange Accountants Verification

Orange Self Certification Declaration

Purple Accountants Declaration

Purple Borrower Repayment Declaration

Red Accountants Declaration

Red Allstate Privacy Consent Form

Red Applicant Impact Statement (case by case if relative)

Red Application Form Residential

Red Commercial Application Form

Red Self Employed Declaration


AltDoc Matrix - Clean

AltDoc Matrix - Impaired


Altdoc Product Policy Comparison Guide - Apr24

Key Altdoc Points

OCEAN Postcode Tool

Orange Postcode Tool Link

Red Postcode Tool Link

Fact Sheet

Navy Options Altdoc Fact Sheet

Ocean Best Use Fact Sheet

Ocean Diamond Altdoc Fact Sheet

Ocean Diamond Altdoc Land Fact Sheet

Ocean Emerald Altdoc Fact Sheet

Ocean Emerald Altdoc Land Fact Sheet

Ocean Onyx Altdoc Fact Sheet

Ocean Onyx Altdoc Land Fact Sheet

Ocean Retained Stock Altdoc Fact Sheet

Ocean Specialist Altdoc Fact Sheet

Orange Lifestyle Altdoc Fact Sheet

Orange Offset Portion Fact Sheet

Orange Plus Altdoc Fact Sheet

Orange Prime Altdoc Fact Sheet

Purple Clear Altdoc SMSF Residential Fact Sheet

Purple Land Altdoc Fact Sheet

Purple Lifestyle AltDoc Fact Sheet

Purple Prime Altdoc (Inv) Fact Sheet

Purple Prime Max Altdoc Fact Sheet

Purple Prime Special AltDoc Fact Sheet

Purple Rural Fact Sheet

Red Recharge AltDoc Fact Sheet

Red Recharge Land Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red Reward AltDoc Fact Sheet

Red Reward Land Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red SE Prime Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red Super Resi SMSF Altdoc Fact Sheet


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