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Green - Residential

Our Green range has a maximum 90% LVR incl LMI (OO & INV) and caters for clean credit Full Doc Residential loans that meet the Helia lending guidelines. Residential SMSF available to 80% LVR. Altdoc loans are also available to 80%.

Key Features

  • Common sense Exit Strategies
  • Resi SMSF services inside & outside the fund.
  • Extensive Postcode coverage.
  • Can use Directors' salaries only for servicing (conditions apply).


GREEN Accountants Declaration - May24

GREEN Client Declaration of Financial Position - May24

Fact Sheet

Green Acres Fact Sheet

Green SMSF Resi Fact Sheet


Green Link Residential Servicing Calculator

Green LMI Premium Calculator

Green SMSF Servicing Calculator