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Red - Residential

RedZed are self-employed specialists and the principal sponsor of the Melbourne Storm. They have the friendliest Accountant's Declaration and use common sense with assessment and exit strategies.

Key Features

  • Friendly Acct's Declaration
  • 80% Altdoc - No Risk Fee - 30 year terms.
  • Unlimited Cash Out - Reward & Recharge
  • No Credit Scoring or CCR.
  • No Clawback except SE Prime Altdoc & FD
  • Quick Processing.
  • Got a DA? No problem.
  • ATO debts OK on SE Prime - unlimited.


100% Income Guide

Digital Signature User Guide

Red Diminishing Clawback - SE Prime Products

Red IDverse Help Guide

Red Postcode Tool Link


Cash Out Purpose Declaration (>$500k)

Red Accountants Declaration

Red Allstate Privacy Consent Form

Red Applicant Impact Statement (case by case if relative)

Red Application Form Residential

Red Borrower Redraw Authority

Red Commercial Application Form

Red Customer Identification Form

Red Residential Supplementary Pack

Red Self Employed Declaration

Red VOI Identification Australia Post

Covid Updates

Red COVID-19 Update (case by case if relative)

Fact Sheet

Red Recharge AltDoc Fact Sheet

Red Recharge FD Fact Sheet

Red Recharge Land Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red Recharge Land FD Fact Sheet

Red Reward AltDoc Fact Sheet

Red Reward Full Doc Fact Sheet

Red Reward Land Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red SE Prime Altdoc Fact Sheet

Red SE Prime Fact Sheet

Red XPAT FD Fact Sheet