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Purple - Residential

Our Purple range has a maximum 80% LVR and caters for Altdoc, Full Doc and SMSF for residential securities in a wide range of locations across Australia. The $5m AltDoc and 80% Altdoc Construction loan are very popular.

Key Features

  • 80% Altdoc Construction, 80% for NDIS.
  • No Credit Scoring or CCR.
  • No Risk Fee - No Clawbacks.
  • Common Sense Assessment.
  • ATO debts are not an impairment.
  • Council rates arrears are not an impairment.
  • Credit impairments including Life events (e.g. lost job, accident, illness, divorce).
  • QANTAS frequent flyer points apply (free).
  • Commission paid on Peak Debt Relocation loans (Bridging)


Acceptable Visa List


Purple Accountants Declaration

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Fact Sheet

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